Project Update 4/12

At the time of writing this post, the only edits to add are minor appearance alterations and fixing citations. The citation fixing will occur tomorrow (4/13) at Mr. Bales’ citation clinic (which is tomorrow from 3:30-5! I highly recommend it!). Now for the more fun part of this update. We went to the dedication ceremony… Continue reading Project Update 4/12

Project Update 4/6: Passion and a LOT of Perseverance

At 10:07pm on April 6th, the Venus Jones group has achieved the unthinkable; a project that we are content with. After a semester of working diligently on this project, with the physical mural in place, with the website created and (almost) finalized, it feels odd and surreal to release this project into the world. A… Continue reading Project Update 4/6: Passion and a LOT of Perseverance

Blog Post 2/23

We have already discussed the digital humanities definition, but this is continued in the site. While the term itself “does not tell us anything useful,” there is a value in the digital medium. The digital medium, as identified by this site, is one with a larger public impact than ones without a digital presence.… Continue reading Blog Post 2/23

Digital Portfolio

Here is a link to a rough, rough draft of the beginning stages of my digital portfolio. As a future teacher, I am still debating on whether this would be beneficial to actually develop further, as a barrier between teachers and students is the typical norm. I would love to get some thoughts from this,… Continue reading Digital Portfolio

Digital Identity (3/14)

ePortfolios Viewed:,,,, Articles Read:,, From reading the websites mentioned above, I learned a few things about my own digital presence. Seth’s blog I feel was very relevant to us, as we all can benefit from the words “Google never forgets.” In a world that revolves around the Internet,… Continue reading Digital Identity (3/14)

Project Update 3/8

Today my group (minus Kelly, sorry Kelly) had the opportunity to go down to Richmond and meet with the design team for the mural. We were able to give feedback and suggestions on the mural design, and I was pleasantly surprised with how openly they communicated with us, and how much they respected our ideas… Continue reading Project Update 3/8

Blog Post (2/16)

To start off this post, I would like to state that we have already begun to discuss copyright with Professor Garmon. With our usage of images, we fall under fair use, because we have a single use for educational purposes. Due to our lack of profiting from this work, we are allowed to use the… Continue reading Blog Post (2/16)