Project Update 3/8

Today my group (minus Kelly, sorry Kelly) had the opportunity to go down to Richmond and meet with the design team for the mural. We were able to give feedback and suggestions on the mural design, and I was pleasantly surprised with how openly they communicated with us, and how much they respected our ideas and input. This made the project feel so much more concrete to me — and also a lot more worrisome, as our hard deadline is exactly a month away. While that deadline is looming, I believe in our group! We have each divided and conquered our individual tasks so far, and are on track. The next large task is to get our writing fact checked to be submitted to the mural design team to get printed, which is easier said than done, but we have majority of the text done and we just need to edit it for cohesiveness and finish citations. We are almost finished with the conceptual stage, and now the project is really coming to life, both through the physical mural and the website. This opportunity is so exciting!

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  1. That’s so cool that your group was able to go down to Richmond and see that! I’m sure that was a really cool and enriching experience, and makes this project even more special for you!

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