Project Update 3/29: Crunch Time

As of now, our group is in crunch time. Our mural text has been approved and the physical part of our project is no longer in our hands. Now we are placing the focus on our own individual responsibilities on the website. Jamie is taking the lead on the scrapbook portion, though we are debating on whether this task is necessary, or if it is plausible to be done in this short period of time with issues such as approval of images. Jenna has primarily completed the methodology page, and I have completed most of the acknowledgements page, but will review this with the Writing Center on Thursday. Kelly has undergone the rigorous task of website design, while Timbila is spearheading marketing for the project. In terms of website text, we are finalizing the text to be sent for our favorite, necessary task: fact checking. Once this is approved, we will be ready for the ceremony, and the project will be ready for the public. . .hopefully!

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