Project Update #1 (2/4/22)

Hello! For my blog post this week, I wanted to begin to discuss progress that is being done so far on the Venus Jones Mural project! At the moment, we are finalizing our contract. We have broken down our general goals with the help of Professor Garmon, who was nice enough to pop into our class yesterday to answer our questions. Following her advice, we have decided to finalize our website written content by Spring Break, and then focus on website construction following that deadline. We have a few extra tasks besides the website, including writing mural text and going down to Richmond to meet the design team, which are both very exciting projects! As for my personal involvement, I have completed as much as I could of the Education section with the information available on the Internet, and I am hoping to have more information for this section following the retrieval of the Albert Jones interviews from Digital Collections. I am excited to see what this group continues to do, we are a great team!

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